In Midst Of Global Crisis ! / President John F. Kennedy (1917-1963)

In midst of global crisis Mr.B.H.Obama drinks beer and enjoy playing pole table in Las Vegas.He faithfully attends found raising events for the liberal democrats ,$35,000 a plate.

The late beloved American president John F. Kennedy who loved America dearly was in the oval office sleepless during the Cuban Missile crisis of October 1962.He was the president of the people .His job approval rating was the highest in our recent history.

Mr.Barack Hussein Obama’s job approval is slipping below 40% despite this reality ,he still makes huge empty promises and blames the Republicans.(Since 2008 he been blaming president George W.Bush for all the faults).

(1) The Ukraine crisis is on the verge of catastrophic civil war .(2) The shooting down the Malaysian airplane and killing 295 innocent victims.(3) VA , IRS, NSA and the boarder crisis.(4) ISIS giving the Iraq Christians the final ultimatum to covert to islam or face death.(5) The Israeli – Hamas tragic war in it’s Terrorism threats from inside and outside the USA.(7)tens of American Jihadist are fighting side by side with Al- Qaeda in Syria and blowing themselves up as suicide bomber.(8) The illegal Children from Latin America are creating a new devastating problems for the American tax payers. God bless America and those who love America.


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