Where Is The Arab League ? / Delusion .

The Arab league represents 300 million Arabs and 22 Arab countries.The Arab own 1/3 of world wealth.They are sadly so divided they can’t agree among themselves to assist the Palestinians who are in dire need for help.

The atrocities which are being committed in the Arab world are incomprehensible.The Arab are a nation of 1001 religions,ideologies,tribes,teachings and cultures.What is happening in Palestine today is a result of their Middle-Ages mentality.Israel decimated the Arab’s delusion in 3 wars 1948,1967 and 1973 yet they still think they are chosen to conquer and rule the world with violence.

The Israeli – Hamas conflict is timeless.first and for most Hamas does not represent the Palestinians.Hamas was founded by Sheik Yassen in 1987 an of spring of M.B and fascism to annihilate the Jews and destroy Israel.Hamas has fired more than 1000 rockets into Israel worth millions of dollars which been paid by Saudi oil money.

For the last 40 years 10 American Secretary of State had made countless attempt to bring the Israeli and the Palestinian to sign a peace treat but they failed catastrophically.

Despite the devastating poverty and hunger in Palestine and in the poor Arab countries the Rich Arab Sheiks have invested more than one trillion dollars in Europe,America and Asia.They are planning for the future because they are afraid of ISIS Caliphdom ambitions and their brutal threats..https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com


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