Liberalism ! / Doomed Ideology ! / Democratic War On Women.

Since 1918 liberalism,socialism and communism have destroyed countries and demised millions of people.These ideologies proved to be catastrophic element that creates big government,a totalitarian authority to dictate on people how to live their lives.Its a deprivation of the personal rights to pursue one’s ambitions to achieve the happiness he deserves.

Liberalism is a deadly plague that destroys the morals and believe of any society.For the last 6 years liberalism and it’s dishonest mainstream media proved to be the core for all the scandals we witnessed lately.

The democrats are sponsoring a scare tactics and dirty propaganda campaign so women will vote for the democrats .l believe women today know very well liberal’s h y p o c r i s y ,they want to promote universal abortion for all women in all 50 States. The democrats are ignoring the scientific studies that abortion kills babies and the pregnant women.( these babies are crying.” Please mommy don’t kill me.”)There are political reason for this deceiving plot ,the democrats are afraid they will lose every thing this coming Mid-Term election on 11/4/2014.l hope you remember the abortion doctor who killed babies who were alive ! J.M.Sabbagh-


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