Are Democrats For The Poor Or For Themselves ?

99% of the democrats use the poor for their votes so they can stay in power and get richer.They steal the poor and destroy their dignities by using them as pawns nothing else.Democrat Senators and Congressmen and women own the most luxurious mentions all over the United States beside owning villas in Latin America and Europe.They shop at exclusive department stores ,buying only designer outfits by the hundreds of thousand of dollars.These Democrats send their Kids to Yale university and other elite universities.

D e s p i t e these democrats deception the naive are blindly still voting for them to keep them plan more scandals , share the wealth among themselves and fatten their banks accounts by selling their books of corruption.

Democrats deserve the Oscar and the Nobel Prize for D i s t o r t i o n ,they can change the truth into lies ,they can condemn the innocent and defend the criminal with smiling faces.Surly the democrats only worship themselves.

God will always protect America and those who truly love America .J.M.Sabbagh-


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