” America ” The Movie . Liberty And God.

What if George Washington was killed by a sniper ?

What if 1940’s Germany had the Atom Bomb ?

What if there was no America ?

What would the world of ours would look like today ?

Today l saw the movie “America “in our neighborhood theater.l love America 100 time more than ever and l am proud to be an American.

America the land of liberty and the home of the brave. “America “, where an immigrant like me can write his own scenario ,accomplish it and live it.

America is the mother of the oppressed ,the deprived,the poor,the underprivileged , and the dreamer.

America were all people are equal in the sight of the American unique constitution.

America of those who gave the Ultimate sacrifice so we can enjoy our freedom and our way of life.

America is the most generous and compassionate country because in GOD we trust.

The venomous haters like Howard Zinn and his disciples,the far left democrats,the progressives ,the liberal politicians in Washington who denounce the American dream and confess shamelessly that they are not proud to be Americans are the core of racism,socialism and radicalism.they want to establish a big government to control the people.The fact is shining like the sun it will always defeat their false accusations.

Those who love America will always triumph ,because God and the truth are on their side .God Bless America.J.M.Sabbagh/https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com


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