America The Land Of Immigrants and Opportunities !

Those who allege blindly that America is arrogant out of ignorance and delusion ought to reevaluate themselves.They are the pinnacle of hate and deception .

(1) America aids the poor countries around the world with billions of dollars annually so the people won’t starve.(2) America had helped and is helping those countries which are devastated by catastrophes,epidemics and man made calamities .(3) America’s ingenuity is serving humanity without partiality .(4) America helped the world ,specially Europe to be liberated from the tyranny of fascism,communism and terrorism.(5) America welcomed and welcoming millions and millions of immigrants since the 18th.century to have a new life and a new start.(6) America is the land of equality ,opportunity,freedom and the greatest constitution in the history of mankind.

Those who oppose the truth,this truth gives them the freedom to express their diseased reality.God Loves America and will protect her forever.J.M.Sabbagh-


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