Nancy Pelosi :” Hamas Is A Humanitarian Organization.” Apex Of Idiocy.

Today,7/30/14 on CNN with utmost audacity Nancy Pelosi (1940-)Former Speaker of the House told Candy Crowley the most bias political correspondent in the whole world.” The Qatari sheiks told me that Hamas is a humanitarian organization.” Even a cave man won’t say such none sense or believe the Qatari Bedouins .

Hamas is on the terrorism list all over the Western countries.Hamas is the core of terrorism in the Middle-East every educated person knows this truth.Qatar supports and finances Hamas by the billions of dollars out of fear and retaliations.Qatar is financing terrorism in Syria since 2011 which has killed up to date more then 150,000 innocent Syrians children , men and women.NOT EVEN ONE COUNTRY IN THE WORLD HAS CONDEMNED THESE MASSACRES,ITS A SHAMEFUL DOUBLE STANDARD.

Qatar is paying for every rocket fired by Hamas into Israel.People in Gaza were dancing out of jubilation when the September 11,2001 terrorist attack happened. Qatar this tiny sheikdom is becoming Nancy Pelosi’s adviser and confident .

Millions of TV.viewers heard her narrow minded statement.Nancy Pelosi is a credit for the democrats and the progressive movement.A politician with Zero education and politics.Nancy is the Apex of liberalism propaganda to cover the truth.Its a sad tragedy to see politicians like her in Washington leading the country . Hamas receives donation and aids from The West to feed the starving Palestinian children instead Hamas spends the money to constructing Tunnels to kill the Jews children,kidnap and hold them hostages. them J.M.Sabbagh-


The Lad who Became A Chief !

My grandmother used to say.”God helps
That Country which is governed by a Lad.”
There are many tragedies ,scandals,
People are getting poor,angry and sad.

There is division,violence a reasons to be mad.

He seeks to appear on every in town.
Attending parties for every comedian and clown.

Despite global crises,and financial melt down.
His woman wears expensive designers gown.

His staff can’t differentiate between ,
Left or right ,between Zeus and Faun..

Yet they are like a conniving  Wizard ,

Masters of coverups , deceits and lies.
They can change colors even green to brown.

He is sitting on his  lavish throne ,
All he needs is a scepter and a Crown.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

The Real Infidels ! / Faust & Co.

The real infidels are the ones who rape ,rob and hurt the helpless.
Are the ones who demise little children,babies and pregnant women.

Are the ones who believe that Abu-Baker Al- Baghdadi ISIS Caliph is the new prophet.
Are the ones who uphold sectarian wars to annihilate every Shiite,Christian and Jew alive.

Are the ones who wear black outfits from head to toe and blow themselves up
believing that they will be generously rewarded.

Are the ones who finance terrorism,bloody demonstrations, human trafficking,
women enslavement, chaotic uprising,division and hateful ideologies.
Are the ones who commit savage massacres in the name of so called religion.


O b s e s s i o n ! / Jealous Lover.

She asked her doctor to prescribe a remedy to cure her
Obsession, the doctor suggested for her to try “patience”.

She found out patience was just an illusion ,
Doesn’t stand a chance with her at all.

She decided to flee his world ,leave him behind.
But where can she have a refuge?where to hide ?

His love memories are every where living within
Her,helplessly she can’t escape the fire inside.

Her obsession began calling her back to
Surrender or live alone her empty nights.
Reprimanded by her conscience,heart and mind.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh.

The Powerful Spiritual Weapons !

The most efficacious spiritual weapons God has placed at our disposal are ” prayers”,to help bring about peace in our time for which the world is in dire need.

Prayers are immensely more powerful than all nuclear bombs,guided missiles, automatic machine guns, F16s ,super tanks and massive armies combined. jalal Michael Sabbagh-

The New Arabian M a f i a ! / ISIS-Hamas-Jihadists. / NO-NO- NO.

These catastrophic groups are the new global ‘mafia” .They are using extortion,atrocious threats and tactics to impose their bold ideology. The core of their believes is to destroy the civilized world and the infidels.They are getting financial support from the weak and helpless rich Arab gulf States.Specially from Qatar , Dubai,Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.There is no deterrence to stop this barbaric mafia.Its insulting the UN,EU and the USA and taking advantage of the world’s limpness and silence.

This new mafia is a real and immanent threat to the whole Middle-East region and to the world’s peace.ISIS is forcing a heavy tribute on Iraqi Christians to pay or face death.Thousands of Christians are fleeing North Iraq because they are refusing to convert to lslam. The world is in dire need for new brave leaders to control this TSUNAMI of lawlessness.Its time that Europe and the American Administration to admit that terrorism does exist and its the new MAFIA.THE LATE ARAB LEADER  JAMAL ABDUL NASSER DISASTROUS VOWS WERE. “NO PEACE ,NO DIALOGUE ,NO SURRENDER,WE  ARE DETERMINED TO PUSH ISRAEL INTO THE MEDITERRANEAN SEA”..”

E d u c a t o r ! / Winner.

My friend,”Life” is a great educator.Those who are envious and jealous will always loss at the end.

Don’t be sad because someone laughs at you for being faithful.
Don’t be sad because someone thinks your kindness is an ignorance .

Don’t be sad because the one whom you thought was everything turned to be nothing.
Don’t be sad because the one you trusted was the first one to betray you.

Don’t be sad because the one who knew your weakness used it to break you.
Don’t be sad my friend you have lost nothing ,on the contrary you have won everything.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-