Western Civilization ! / Saving Grace ! / (Sunni-Shia’t Conflict)

If Sunni and the Shia’t were united since the seventh century they would if conquered the whole world .America,Australia ,Canada, Latin America and Europe wouldn’t be in existence today.But the Sunni and Shia’t never were united and they will never be ever because they hate and despise each other to the core of their beings.

The sectarian conflict between Sunni and Shia’t been going on for the last 14 centuries .They are each others arch enemy.Nothing on earth will change this reality.Yes they did invade India,China,south Asia and East of Spain in the late 7th,century.Since then ,hating each other kept them divided and they will be divided for ever.Saddam Hussein(Sunni) used chemical weapon to annihilate more than 100,000 Shia’t in South Iraq.(this is one fact of many)
The USA and Europe should stay away from interfering again in that region.Let the 22 Arab countries and the Arab league interfere .The Arab oil money is fueling the Iraqi sectarian civil war and financing terrorism everywhere.



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