Iraq Is The Tip Of The Iceberg ! / Collapsed Agenda! / Disastrous Foreign Policies.

(1) Al Qaeda.(2)Boko Haram.(3)ISIS Iraqi Al Qaeda.(4) M.Brotherhood.(5) Ansar Al Shabab.(6)Ansar Al Sharia.(7) Hammas.( 8)Jihadism thugs.These are few of the inhuman terrorism groups which emerged from a religious ideology to spread horror, aiming to bring back the stone age barbarism to conquer the world. What is happening in Iraq,Syria,Yemen is the tip of the iceberg which the USA,UN.,Europe and the West were avoiding to understand or to foresee.

Terrorism had killed more innocent people than all catastrophic wars.In recent year instead of using swords,knives axes of the past, terrorists are using barbaric suicide bombers,roadside bombs,machine guns, missiles , planes,the Arab’s oil money,radicalism and brainwash to carry out their brutal crimes.

Whether the Washington confused liberal Politicians admit that they failed to confront this destructive tsunami of terrorism or Whether they will take a decisive measures to fight this plague,terrorism is here to stay as long we have a weak and disorientated administration., for leaving Iraq in 2011 without securing it’s future was an enormous debacle.Our unique vice president Mr. Joe Biden said in 2011.”Iraq is the greatest achievement of this administration.”What a tragedy? What an embarrassment ?

Terrorism have one goal and only one goal,”To establish their States of their religious Sharia and destroy the freedom of the civilized world.These are facts not fictions. The West is sightless to see or to understand this reality,that is why Europe is flooded with terrorism.Terrorism does believe in a certain religion a tsunami of hate and bloodshed.The sectarian conflict in that region is 14 century old and it will be for ever. Jalal Michael Sabbagh.http://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress


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