Dissipating Religion ! / The Core Of Hate!/ IRAQ Is Demised By Sunni / Shia’t Timeless Conflict.

( 1 ) Not long ago Mr.B.H.Obama and Susan Rise,the national security adviser said.”Al-Qaeda is on the run,terrorism is decimated.” This is baseless rhetoric , On the contrary Al-Qaeda is more deadly than ever and terrorism is more barbaric than before.( 2 ) The Iraqi Sunni Al-Qaeda has a new brutal commander “al-Baghdadi. Today Al -Qaeda is occupying the Northern cities of Iraq .Destroying everything in it’s path and committing the most barbaric massacres against the Iraqi Shia’t.( 3 ) The Iraqi citizen deny their nationality as Iraqis.They identify themselves an Sunni, Shia’t, Kurds and Turkomans.These religious sects are determined to annihilate each other at any cost.( 4 ) The USA sacrificed in Iraq 4500 Brave American soldiers , more than 30000 wounded service men and women and 750 billion dollars were wasted .All these sacrifices were for nothing, unappreciated and gone with the wind.Al-Qaeda thugs are within 50 Kilometer from the Capital Baghdad.Thousand of Iraqi soldiers are deserting ,leaving their American made weapons and uniforms behind for the terrorists.Al Baghdad is determinde to kill every Shai’t in Iraq.( 5 ) Every Arab country in the region is threatened by Al -Qaeda to face the same fate as Iraq ,sooner or later. The Arab league (22 Arab countries) is helpless to stop theses atrocities. The UN is powerless to interfere out of fear (6) 14 century ago they created terrorism to invade and subdue the world . Today the plague of Terrorism is exposing the reality of their belief.They are killing each other out of hate, rage and revenge .The Five savage Taliban chief commanders whom Obama released few days ago soon will lead a bloody jihadist war and decisively capture Afghanistan again this time for good.((P.S.this bloody conflict between Sunni and Shia’t goes back 1400 years.The enmity between them is incomprehensible .The Iraqi Al-Qaeda”ISIS” is the definite proof of this bloody conflict. Al- Baghdadi wants to establish a theocracy in Iraq and Syria.Jalal Michael Sabbagh mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress))


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