Q a t a r Is # 1 Taliban Ally ! / Fanatic Liberalism is a Fatal Virus.

Qatar is the mother of Al- Jazzera news network.The most fabricated and deceiving news in the world.Al Jazzera is the only Arab TV channel that is allowed inside the Israeli Knesset (Parliament ). Qatar and Israel are dear friends despite the Arab resentment and hate towards Israel. Qatar is Israel’s sole oil supplier . Al- Jazzera turns a terrorist into holy person a liar into an honest one and a lamb into vicious wolf.

Qatar this tiny oil rich gulf State is the most notorious dictatorship in the region ,oppressive and ultra conservative. Qatar been financing terrorism and the Taliban in Afghanistan since the 1990’s.Since 2011 Qatar been pouring billions of dollars in Syria financing the terrorists who want to overthrow the Syrian regime.So far over 150,000 innocent Syrians been killed.The Qatari money is committing savage atrocities in Syrian and the whole region since the Arab Uprising.

Now the liberals and the far left democrat politicians are trusting Q a t a r to guard these five Taliban inhuman commanders whom the liberals in Washington have released from Guantanamo.(Two of these criminals are most wanted by the international court of war criminals) How can this administration trust Qatar the capital of treason ? The Qatari royal family is known for betraying their own fathers.This sheikdom was build on the skulls of it’s enemies.
(( Jalal Michael Sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com ))


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