Humiliating Swap ! / Colossal defeat ! / Reckless decision ! / Ultimate sacrifice.

Releasing five ruthless, barbaric and venomous terrorists of the notorious Taliban thugs from Guantanamo is a humiliation beyond comprehension . These murderers have killed many American service men and women and thousands of their own people in Afghanistan.This shameful swap will embolden the Taliban terrorists to commit more atrocious crimes against the American Soldiers in Afghanistan and against Afghanistan’s security.

Does this administration understand how many American and Allied soldiers gave the ultimate sacrifice to capture these 5 murderers ?? Did this administration thought about the civilized world’s reaction?? Or its an absolute arrogance? Hilary Clinton the former Secretary of State said.”these five commanders are not a threat to USA ,they are threat to Pakistan and Afghanistan.” arrogance beyond imagination.

Susan Rice the incredible national security adviser for the current administration proved beyond the shadow of the doubt,she needs to reevaluate her failed policies and her credibility .Every American knows what she said when the bloody terrorist attack in Benghazi happened in 9/11/2012. She said the biggest lie of the century to cover up for her boss to be reelected then,today she said another devastating lie about the blind swap .Her boss not long ago said.” Al-Qaeda is on the run ,terrorism is decimated.”This swap is an easy victory for the Taliban and their barbaric ideology and belief. Its a tragedy history will remember disgracefully .Jalal Michael Sabbagh.


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