The Profounf Happiness…

The Ultimate happiness is to understand and believe the miraculous incarnation of Christ while the person is in this life , not when the journey is about to come to an end. Jalal Michael Sabbagh

(( The kingdom of heaven is like the most precious pearl of all.When a person finds it  he sells all his belongings to purchase it.John 10:22/ ))


The S t o r m ! / Rooted Tree.

The question is not whether there will be another storm in our life time ? The question is.”when will the next storm get here “? Are we ready to face a devastating storm ? Are we rooted enough in our believes to withstand the storm ?

A rooted tree can withstand the strongest storm,but the rootless tree will be plucked out and be thrown away.

(( He said.”they will persecute you because you believe in me ,but don’t be afraid l will be with you till the end of time.(l hope you will watch my video on you tube playing my musical instrument.”JALAL OUD 2″.”) ))

Sale Out ! / Potentials.

There are those who are truly seeking to live up to their potentials and there are those who are only accepting the easy way out.Today amid the complexities of the modern life the many feel that they need to leave the basic values,morals,principals and spirituality out side their lives and side with the necessity of making a living at any cost,no matter whom to hurt ,cheat , betray or sale out.

Today the world in which we live in is trying to separate reason ,logic and the need to accommodate the so called “progress ” the age of the internet beside the conscienceless of the powerful and the wealthy elites.

This approach will surely devastate the families , the whole society and leave the door wide open to create modern madness that divides people in two not knowing which path to chose or follow.
(( ))

“Most politicia…

“Most politicians today are like those doctors who prescribe the medicine before diagnosing the illness.” Jalal Michael Sabbagh.

((These corrupted officials insist that the latest scandals ,(IRS_NSA_VA etc.) are phoney scandals ,there is not even a smidgen of wrong doing. ))

Rekindle The Passion ! / Infinite Friend.

” There are those who go to church only three times in their life time.For their Baptism, Marriage and their funeral.Isn’t it time to rekindle the passion in their hearts by visiting the one who was crucified for their sake “? Where they can find an infinite treasure and a faithful friend.JMS/mysuccessisyoursuccess://