September 11,2001 Museum! / Infinite Reminder for Humanity-Terrorism A Ruthless Ideology!

Today May 15,2014 the September 11,2001 museum officially opened in ground Zero in New York City to commemorate the most barbaric terrorist attack ever witnessed in human history.By now every intellectual in the world knows exactly which religion originated the bloody ,hateful ideology of terrorism of the present time.

The opening ceremony brought tears to every body’s eyes.The 3000 victims families saw the spirits of their beloved ones set free forever.These victims are honored today and will be remembered forever .The power of evil and darkness will be defeated always.The eternal flame and light beams freedom will remind us of the horror we lived when 18 Saudis and 1 Egyptian terrorists carried out the savage crime humans ever known.

September 11,2001 terrorist attack is an absolute proof that the religion of hate,revenge and rage taught theses thugs the fundamental belief of radicalism to annihilate the freedom lovers in the world.Our faith in almighty God, the true Lord of justice,love and light will always protect the lands of liberty.

We ought to stand united to protect our future generation from this venomous epidemic of outrage and hate that want to spread in the world by using bloody barbaric terrorism.Jalal Michael Sabbagh.


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