Divine Justice !

One Act Play With Two Scenes.( Scene One )

Lazarus the beggar lived day by day on the kindhearted people’s alms.He used to beg at his usual place ,close from a luxurious castle.The owner enjoyed his wealth.Every day lavish parties,luscious food.Wine roasted lambs and fresh fruits,to please his wild,spoiled friends.Lazarus was inflicted with dreadful bleeding sores.He used to moan all the time painfully.The rich man ,each time he passes him by ,he insults him,threatens him with the law to evict him for good.The rich man never had pity on Lazarus,never gave him any leftover from that delicious food.

Soon Lazarus died at the roadside unnoticed .His chaste soul entered heaven .No more suffering only happiness with no end.After a while death visited the rich man,his power ,his wealth couldn’t prevent the inevitable fate.His soul was received in hell to dwell by the burning lakes.

SCENE TWO : The rich man lifted his head towards heaven and saw Lazarus sitting next to the Prophet Abraham.Radiant and a beautiful smile on his face.He implored the prophet.”please send me Lazarus to wet my lips with his pinky from the succulent water of paradise .” The Prophet replied .”visitation between us is forbidden ,its heaven’s justice to keep us apart.Then the rich man desperately once again said.” l beg you send Lazarus to my brothers and sisters to warn them of the end.,to give up corruption,selfishness and the dreadful greed,to help the needy ,and the widows,to fear the judgment day to r e p e n t .” Abraham answered him.” Prophets and messengers were sent to them.They warned them,they didn’t care, they refused to heed ,remember you were one of them,so how they are going to believe Lazarus and they know for sure he is one of the dead.

CURTAIN DOWN FOR NOW.Sooner or later the day will come to announce the end.Jalal Michael Sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86/2gmail.com


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