Nigerian Jihadist Vows.” I sell Women” ! / UN is absent! / New Bin Laden.AU’s tragedy.

The notorious Nigerian Jihadist thugs “Boko Haram’s” leader kidnapped 300 school girls .Today he is vowing to sell these girls in his town slavery market.He declared savagely .”My Jihad belief permits me to revenge,kidnap and to kill ,Allah told me to sell the girls.” The government is helpless,the United Nations is out of the picture.The West is blind can’t see the reality of the threat it is facing in Europe.

No matter what methods,means ,excuses and lies they use to distance their unfeeling religion and themselves from terrorism and Jihadism will not justify their massacres,atrocities, their bloody terrorists attacks and killing children and women.22 Arab countries are saying nothing about this atrocity .They are cheering the new Bin Laden in Africa.They finance and support killing Christians and burning their churches.Distorting the truth is the core of their lethal ideology.

If it wasn’t for their religion jihadism would not be born .Terrorism would not be around and breeding.Their religion is terrorism and terrorism is their religion,the core of their blindness.Jihadism is a clear reflection of a D i s e a s e d mentality that wants to take over the world. The (AU)African Union with it’s 54 States are helpless to confront the terrorists who kidnapped the girls,this is the real T R A G E D Y . Jalal Michael Sabbagh.


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