Zanobia Lady Enchantment ! Arabian Cabaret .

The fantasia of the charming Arabian night Cabaret.




=========The events happened in the fascinating island of pearls ,the monarchy of the powerful caliph Shahramar who lives in his grand castle which was build on the top of the only hill in the island.The caliph over looks what happens in the island from the many windows of his the center of the island there is an open Bazaar next to it the magnificent cabaret stands.The cabaret is shaped like a huge Arabian tent surrounded with date palm trees . the front of the cabaret is decorated with Zanobia’s portraits wearing her belly dance costumes ,colorful and seductive.Around the entrance there are belly dancers,African Arabs ,Asians,Indians ,clowns,magicians, acrobats,singers,musicians and circus animals with their trainers ,every one is performing amazing skills.

On the…

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Blogging Is About Real Issues Too ! / Is’t A Message ? Provocative Media !


Blogging today isn’t only about posting a photo, a video,a poem,a fashion trend,a recipe or a story .All these thing are beautiful reflections of daily living.The other side of blogging is to convey a message,express an opinion.Its becoming a new channel for communication, exploring and friendship.

Blogging is also to get involved in real vital issues.To be provocative raising important questions about politics ,expose corruption,social diseases,narcissism,civil rights,violence,family values,morals,respect life and decency.

The world is changing rapidly if people don’t catch up with the train of opportunities it will leave the station,then it will be too late to get a ride ,it means waiting indefinitely for another chance !

Blogging is to try to protect the new generation from poverty ,hunger,terrorism, fanatic ideology . Blogging is To oppose hypocrisy ,the illiteracy of those countries which hate our freedom our believes,our way of life and our culture .

Blogging is about promoting…

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Nations ! / Humans .

“” As nations we are different-Every nation has its own history,culture,morals and faith.But as humans we are all the same from the second we are born to the second this existence we leave.This is the truth that the many want blindly to disbelieve.””

(( Like the birth of Spring’s blossoms l came to be, like the withered Autumn’s leaves l shall leave..Jalal Michael Sabbagh. ))

The Power Of A Story ! / To Be A Storyteller.

Definitely a storyteller can reshape the mental,spiritual and the physical temperament of a whole era for any society.A story can revive and elevate people’s consciousness and awareness . A story can even win the hearts of the enemies and achieve peace between foes.

A story can heal the wounds of the past,comfort the oppressed, encourage the weak and free the captives.A story can connect distances and mend broken relations.

Can we become a good storytellers ? Keep in mind the importance of a story because it plays a crucial role in the life of one person and of a whole nation ! Jalal Michael Sabbagh.

R o c k ! / G a t e .

“” Are we the rock ,that solid foundation for our family and friends or are we the rock that makes them stumble and fall, the rock that smashes their hopes and dreams ?

Are we the gate that leads them to a successful and bright future or are we that gate which is shut to make them face the unknown fate?

(( Credibility is the fruit of hard work,honesty ,transparency and sincerity ! jalal Michael Sabbagh. success is my success.))