Europe Year 2050 ! / Failed Polices ! / Cave ‘s poeple Slumber ?

Most definite predictions indicate that the massive population growth among the millions of immigrants today who invaded Europe’s gorgeous countries from Pakistan,Afghanistan,Saudi Arabia,Middle-East,Nigeria,and from North African countries whom Europe invited blindly between 1970-2009 will become the majority in most European countries in 2050.Europe is suffering enormously   from a zero population growth for many reasons which are well known for the European themselves.””While  The Muslim couples in Europe are having 5,6, 8 children””. The majority of these immigrants live on the welfare system and they are depleting the European economies .   The incompetent European politicians are facing the greatest challenge of their lives .,Muslims in Belgium ,Germany are asking for Shareea Law to be implemented in their communities..In 2050 ,this is what European will witness.

(1) The Austrian royal palace in Vienna “Schonbrunn” will become the mosque of the magnificent 19.(2)The French royal palace of “Versailles”in Paris will become the mosque of Al -Shareea.(3)The royal Dutch palace “Koninklijkhuis”in Amsterdam will become  the mosque of Hijab.(4) The royal Danish castle “Fredericksborg” in Copenhagen will become the Fataw mosque.(5) The Swedish royal palace “Kungliga Slotte” in Stockholm will become Al-Qaeda mosque.

The children and grandchildren of these immigrants  will become the governors, Mayors ,and even Presidents in European countries.present time Europeans are enjoying their cave like slumber before the devastating the Islamic Tsunami explodes . Did Europe forgot who committed the terrorists attacks in New York? London? Madrid? Bali? Boston< Beirut? Tanzania? Munich? Did Europe forgot who are the  suicide bombers are?? they are made from the same mold that promotes hate , death and supremacy . We hope and pray it won’t happen.

((( In the seventh century when Muslims invaded Christian Iraq,Syria,Egypt,thousand of churches were converted to Mosques.–The Grand Masque in Istanbul/Turkey was St.Sophia’s Cathedral ,the Grand mosques Of Umeyad in Damascus was St.John the Baptist Church .These are just few act of aggression By Islam  against Christianity.)))



” When the Capt…

” When the Captain is weak and disoriented ,he forsakes the ship for having incompetent crew. The ship sinks to a bottomless sea.”

Jalal Michael Sabbagh

(( The moral is not achieving a goal but what means a person uses to achieve that goal.))

Zanobia Lady Enchantment ! Arabian Cabaret .

The fantasia of the charming Arabian night Cabaret.




=========The events happened in the fascinating island of pearls ,the monarchy of the powerful caliph Shahramar who lives in his grand castle which was build on the top of the only hill in the island.The caliph over looks what happens in the island from the many windows of his the center of the island there is an open Bazaar next to it the magnificent cabaret stands.The cabaret is shaped like a huge Arabian tent surrounded with date palm trees . the front of the cabaret is decorated with Zanobia’s portraits wearing her belly dance costumes ,colorful and seductive.Around the entrance there are belly dancers,African Arabs ,Asians,Indians ,clowns,magicians, acrobats,singers,musicians and circus animals with their trainers ,every one is performing amazing skills.

On the…

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A Religion Or Enslavement ?/ The Tragedy Of The Human Rights !

” if a religion condemns and sentences it’s followers to be executed because they converted to another religion ,its not a religion but a brutal enslavement.” The Sudan government recently sentenced a pregnant female citizen to be executed for converting to Christianity.Thousand of citizens are being executed annually in Pakistan ,Iran,Brunei and the Arab countries unnoticed because they were converted to another religions.The United Nation and the human rights agencies are keeping quiet and turning their face the opposite side. Jalal Michael Sabbahj.

Forgetting You Is Impossible ! / An Illusion.

Forgetting you ? That’s impossible.
Its unbearable , its not perceivable.

l can forget the pain,the anguish.
You caused me,but not your love.

Forgetting you is to forget myself.
Oh’ my love that’s impossible.

To stop loving you is an illusion.

My heart will never love someone else,
He knows very well that’s a delusion.

l yearn to your embrace every minute,
My whole world would be a disarray
A tearful confusion.

Life becomes unlivable,
A love story with tragic conclusion.
(( Jalal Michael Sabbagh. ))