Spinelss ! / Atheists -Fanatic Liberals and Mainstream Journalism .

They deceive themselves by believing that egoism is the ideal doctrine for their shallowness and blindness.
( 1 ) Attacking Christianity hatefully is cool.Attacking radical religions is not cool,because they are scared knowing there will be bloody demonstration from one end of the world to the other end of the world.

( 2 ) Cover up scandals is cool.Exposing them is not cool.( 3 ) Lying to the American People is cool.Loving America is not cool.(4 ) Befriending terrorism for killing our brave soldiers is cool.Patriotism and defending our freedom is not cool.( 5 ) Killing babies is cool.Defending the unborn is not cool.( 6 ) Gay and lesbian marriage is cool.Traditional marriage between man and woman is not cool.( 7 ) Killing Martin Richards is cool .Persecuting the Boston bomber is not cool. ( 8 ) Persecuting the Nevada rancher is cool.Persecuting the criminal illegal immigrants is not cool.( 9 ) Playing the racism card is cool.Being honest and decent is not cool.( 10 ) Attacking FOX news despite it’s immense success is cool.Exposing NBC and it’s Wicked,Malicious reporters is not cool.( 11 ) The Heartless progressive ,the senile Senator calling the Americans terrorists is cool.Confronting his vulgarity and hatefulness is not cool.( 12 ) Having a dead conscience and being Godless is cool.Praying is not cool.

((Tyranny,barbarism and egoism been defeated decisively through out the history of mankind .Jalal Michael Sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com )


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