C l e o p a t r a ! / Captivating Goddess.

What an amazing dream l had last night.
It took me back five thousand y e a r ,
To the mysterious P h a r a o h s land.

The queen of the Nile Cleopatra sitting,
On her l a v i s h T h r o n e .
In her royal Mahogany ship inlaid ,
With silver,ivory and precious stones.

Wearing a transparent white silk gown ,
Woven with fascinating Egyptian gold chiffon.

Gorgeous maiden like Butterflies moving,
Around her carrying flowers on both sides.

Obeying her signals to beautify her face as she commands.
They put a crown with dazzling gems on her head .

A hefty general brought a turquoise scepter for her hand.
She began to wave to the multitude of male admirers ,
Who were shouting .”hail our goddess C l e o p a t r a .”
The most beautiful woman the absolute ruler of our hearts and minds.

She is the queen the ultimate fantasy they desire,
To embrace and burn like a Phoenix in fire.

The ship sailed far from the shores leaving them behind.
She was in a hurry yearning to meet her infatuated lover,
Mark Antonio who was waiting her arrival.

Dark dusk,no moon ,no stars ,chaos and burning ships,
The dreadful end came fast, Octavious won the war,
Defeating both of them with their armies,
They refused to kneel or surrender.

They choose to die,she with poisonous snake,he with the sword.
They ended their lives by committing s u i c i d e.

((.Jalal Michael Sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com ))


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