Who Invaded Kuwait ? / Who Liberated Kuwait and Iraq ? / The Infidels ?

This post is in respond to the comments which were made on my post.”A Study in Arab Mentality.” Which was posted on October 4, 2013.

The late brutal Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein ordered his one million soldier army on 8/2/1990 to invade Kuwait and destroy it savagely . And the Iraqi soldiers did exactly that .Arab colonizing Arab.The dictator’s ambition was to become the new Arab E m p e r o r .

21 Arab countries headed by the withering Arab League ,which share the same common interest ,Religion ,Language , Culture , Ideology and Mentality were helpless to protect and defend Kuwait.Why? Because the Arab are divided,weak don’t trust each other and afraid of each others deceiving intentions.

Arab population exceeds 300 million people and they own 1/3 of world’s wealth yet they are the poor of the poorest . From 8/2/1990 for six months the Arab governments were shamefully embarrassed for being unable to do anything to help Kuwait.They were spectators watching Kuwait being raped and annihilated by their own Arab tyranny.

On September 11,1990 George Bush the father asked the Congress to liberate Kuwait.( 11 years later on September 11,2001 the Saudi suicidal terrorists attacked the trade center in New York and murdered 3000 innocent people ,what an I R O N Y .?)

On February 22,1991 the Coalition forces headed by the US liberated Kuwait (the Persian Gulf war) and decisively defeated Saddam Hussein’s army.

The Arab specially Kuwait celebrated this great victory shouting “we liberated Kuwait” The Kuwaitis named streets after president George Bush. Kuwait and Saudi Arabia returning the favor ,they financing terrorism to kill the infidels who liberated Kuwait and Iraq and planing to destroy the western civilization.

This is how the Arab show their gratitude and gratefulness .On March 19,2003 The American brave soldiers liberated Iraq.The Iraqis showed their appreciation by throwing shoes at our president.YES ,the Arab are trying blindly to conquer the world with oil riches,chaos,angry demonstrations and T e r r o r i s m . Jalal Michael Sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com


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