Conglomeration ! / Cloned ! / V o l c a n o .

It seems many parents nowadays are helpless.They don’t know how to deal with their teenager sons and daughters.They have surrendered to the dreadful unknown willingly.Most teenager’s rooms are a mess as if a hurricane had hit them.
The walls covered with abhorrence pictures of demons,favorite singers and movie stars.i pods filled with music that redefines love as something selfish and sexual.Video games that promote violence,vulgarity, depersonalize the individual, stifle creativity and uniqueness .

These teenagers who have no respect for their parents, guardians or their own lives become a cloned conglomerate of the idols they adore. Are these parents becoming what the others want them to be ? They are the only ones who have the answers.The volcano will erupt sooner or later.(( Jalal Michael Sabbagh. ))


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