The Malaysian Plane Mestery ! / One Year later 2015 ! / Tragedy Of All Humanity .

Despite the technology ,scientific advancement , humans intellect and ingenious . Humans are incapable to explain the tragic disappearance of the Malaysian Boeing 777 without any trace.All their predictions,speculations,and elicits are worthless,insignificant and baseless.This is a clear and decisive proof that humans are weak and with limited dispositions to understand the unknown.

Still,there are those hypocrites who insist that the universe was created by a hoax big bang.This tragedy is defying all man made cultures ,doctrines and theories.we are mere humans not super beings.The experts been discussing the mystery for the last 6 days and making no sense.The victims families need some consolation and attention to ease their pain and tragic agony.The Malaysian plane tragedy touches all humanity because we are one family created by God.

March 7,2015 one year later ,humans couldn’t figure out what happened to the Malaysian plane flight 370 with 239 passengers aboard which vanished in thin air one year ago on March 7, 2014.

(Lord of heaven have mercy on us and send your angels to be with the victims and their mourning families.These families need help .They are suffering a devastating tragedy. Jalal Michael Sabbagh. )


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