Retreat Before Defeat ! / the fanatic democrats are facing the inevitable F a t e !/ Nov.2014 Tsunamy.

Mr.Barack Hussein Obama for the 27th. time is changing the disastrous Obama care .This time to help those desperate democrat Senators who are facing decisive reelection on Nov.4,2014 .These Senators are the ones promised their constituents over and over again ( 22 times ).”if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor,if you like your insurance plan you can keep your insurance plan.” l i e s , l i e s and bold deception.They are conscienceless to betray the very people who elected them.They have no morals yet they have the audacity wanting to remain in office of debacles.They worship their lavish life style in Washington,the prestige ,the luscious benefits ,the fame and the attention.The only person they care about is themselves nobody else at all.The Americans who truly love America will make sure justice will prevail ,deceit and lies will be defeated once for good. This coming November 4 ,14 election will be a Tsunami that will remove all the fanatic Democrats from the Senate .(( Latest studies show that 23% of those who are e l i g i b l e for Obama care know nothing about Obama care. jalal Michael Sabbagh.


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