Israel Invigorating Progress ! / Arab’s Leaders Summits ! /Stillness.

On May 14 , 1948 Israel became an independent State and an official member of the UN. During the last 66 years Israel achieved the impossible.Became the only true and free democracy in The Arab world and the Middle-East.Build a solid economy and an army that is considered today the 6th.most advanced and strong force in the world.Israel manufactures even jets and Tanks.Israeli men and women serve in the army side by side to protect Israel that the 1939 Holocaust will never happen again.( the killing of 6 million Jews by the Nazis during WWII-the worst Genocide in the history of human kind) Israeli scientists ,athletes ,thinkers,artists and innovators made Israel one of the world’s most prosperous State .

The Arab world with it’s 22 countries is standing still.Half of the Arab world is crippled and Paralyzed because women are deprived equality with men.They are forbidden to serve in the army or police forces,hold an office,seek higher education or become a carrier women.Women are restricted to stay home,raise children and obey their masters the males.The Arab’s oil wealth is spend on constructing lavish castles,malls,hotels,tallest buildings in the world.
Since the 1950’s the Arab kings,princes,self imposed dictators get together in their famous Summits to find solution for their problems .They never did but they agreed U n a n i m o u s l y not to agree ever with each other.(The Arab Doha -Qatar Summit was a tragedy and a travesty)

The Arab don’t distill even the water they drink,European ,Chines companies do the distillation.The Arab don’t manufacture anything .They import every thing even the American protection.They are changing from the outside but from the inside they are the same since the dark ages.60% in the poor countries are illiterate ,80% live below the poverty level.Children fatalities exceeds 20% of the population .The Arab lost 3 catastrophic war with Israel,1948,1967,1973.Their only contribution to the world are,terrorism,jihadism,honor killing,human trafficking,women enslavement and suicide bombers.

Its incomprehensible the Arab think they are the chosen ones to rule the world and annihilate the infidels.

Arabs brothers are killing each other in Iraq,Egypt ,Syria, Lebanon ,Yemen.The Oil Rich Gulf States are fueling the killing and the chaos.There is a terrorist attack in Syria and Iraq every day.So far more the 200,000 innocents have been killed.

(When there is a wolf in the area the sheep in the farm,despite the rich pasture don’t get any fatter.Jalal Michael Sabbagh.


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