C o d e Of Hammurabi 1772 BC. ! / Solid Facts ! /” Shariaa” ! / Eye For An Eye.

The Babylonian king Hammurabi constituted his law ” Code ” in 1772 BC.Which states.” A tooth for a tooth , an eye for an eye , an ear for an ear , a nose for a nose .” 2400 years later the Arab’s holy religious book literally states the exact same thing .They believe it and virtually practice it and forcefully imposed it on their people .Since then they want to implement it where ever they live.

The original code of Hammurabi is displayed in the “LOUVRE” in Paris -France .There is an exact replica of the code in the university of Chicago.

Couple days ago a S a u d i man was caught in the capital in Saudi Arabia by the cruel religious police,he was beating his mother and breaking her tooth.He was sentenced severely by a religious judge to F i v e years in prison , his tooth to be broken and to get 2400 lashes on his bear back .( 40 lashes a day )This is the inhuman justice in Saudi Arabia according to their religious law.( Shariaa )This is the reality the Arab lives .That is why 25 million of them immigrated to European countries,another 20 million to the USA , Canada,Australia,Iceland ,Latin America and Mexico.They want to live in the free Christian civilized countries and enjoy the welfare privileges.(( He who lives by the s w o r d will perish by the s w o r d .jalal Michael Sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com ))


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