Birds Nest With Own Kind ! / Deception ! / Unqualified .

Despite their absolute failures and their dreadful narcissism,the far left liberals,progressives and fanatic democrats politicians are desperately trying to convince their naive constituents that they are serving their vital interests.These blind politicians lies,cover ups ,corruption and shameful scandals are becoming their down fall,their inevitable fate and demise .Instead of changing they are trying to hold to their power seats.( 1 ) failed foreign policies.( 2) failed economy and health care policies.( 3 ) Catastrophic welfare agendas,47 million recipients .( 4 ) Failed education system.(5 ) 20% of young people age 18-35 are living with their parents because of financial hardship.( 6 ) Student loans hurting the new graduates .( 7 ) Human trafficking in the USA is becoming a massive epidemic .( 8 ) Thousands of our service men and women are homeless.(9 ) There is a savage war on Christianity,family values decent morals and the American D r e a m .( 10 ) Unqualified ambassadors are being appointed to European countries shamelessly to represent the American people, because they were a generous donors to these politicians campaigns .(( God bless those who love America .jalal Michael Sabbagh.


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