Women In Saudi Arabia ! /Phantoms ! / Mr.B.H.Obama ! /Apology Tour II.

Have anyone ever seen the king of Saudi Arabia Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz with his wife in any magazine,newspaper or on TV ? Which wife ? His royal highness owns so many wives and Harems its impossible to pin point each one of these(1-100)so called wives.Each of his wives lives in a royal mansion with the king’s children.The late king Abdul-Aziz Bin Saud had 47 sons( no one knows how many daughters he had because they are of no importance,they are living phantoms )These 47 sons are ruling Saudi Arabia since 1921 in succession.They are the heirs of the so called the brutal royal crown.The Saudi royal family with it’s 2500 princes rule the kingdom with iron fist and two edged swords.They control every aspect of life in this illusive kingdom.Beside oil’s 300 billions annually ,the kingdom pockets another 150 billions annually from the pilgrimages who visit the holy of the holiest cities in the kingdom.(A small bottle of water is sold for $6 during the pilgrimage season.) All this money is fueling terrorism(thousands of Saudi terrorists are fighting beside Al Qaeda in Iraq and in Syria.),building thousands of worship houses all over the Glob and of course on human trafficking (buying luscious girls from the infidels countries) Women in Saudi Arabia are nothing but Phantoms they have no civil rights what so ever.

Mr.Barack Hussein Obama is planning to visit Saudi Arabia in May 2014 to bow once again to king Abdulla like he did during his apology tour in 2009 to the Middle – East.When he said.”America is an arrogant country.”
(( Every plate overflows with it’s contains.Jalal Michael Sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com ))


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