A Day Without Tomorrow ! / Persistent Birthday .

To those who have been touched by the wand of love.To those who drank from the chalice of fear and despair but never gave up hope,l dedicate these words.

You are back,oh my birthday,
You mischievous without delay.
My youth had departed,gone away.
Now old age became my fate with it’s gray.
Oh,how l wish you were a day without tomorrow!

Would that ,its all l can say.
Oh,how l wish l never was from eternity!
l lived my days not knowing why?
Why in this existence l have to stay?

l wonder how all expectation gone astray?
All l see is despair holding hands with dismay.
l wish l remained a spirit not became a clay.

I’m a being without pulsing youth.
I’m a life without spring to weigh !
I’m an illusion,l have nothing to convey.
I’m a phantom waiting at the cloudy bay.

((In remembrance of the late Egyptian composer F.Al-Atrash.))Happiness awaits those who suffer the most.Jalal Michal Sabbagh.Http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com

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