Arab Spring Is Over ! / Arab Autumn is Inevitable ! / Separation of Religion and State.

Since February 2010 the so anticipated Arab spring ( Uprising ) have killed so far more innocent citizens than the three wars which the Arab fought against the State of Israel and were defeated decisively and catastrophically .The blood baths in Iraq,Syria,Lebanon,Egypt,Yemen,Tunisia,Algeria,Sudan and Bahrain are self destructive. Arab are killing Arab indiscriminately ,whether they are pro or anti- regime,whether they are terrorists or mercenaries.The Arab will never bow to justice,equality and freedom.The rulers are enslaving their people to remain in power.The Arab will never accept democracy its against their belief and their culture its i n c o m p r e h e n s i b l e .They are in dire need for strong and honest governments to control the deadly chaos the Arab are accustomed to.They are in dire need for education and catch up with the moving world.They are in dire need for the separation of State and Religion. A religious government ( Theocracy ) always leads to the stillness of the dark ages era.Unless the Arab break the shell they been living in for so long and adopt real openness ,their Autumn is approaching and very soon. (( He who doesn’t learn from history’s lessons is living an illusion.)) ((Jalal Michael Sabbagh. )


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