“The two whites…

“Beware of the two whites and the two reds.Sugar and salt , red meat and red wine.Jalal Michael Sabbagh/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com


Delight ! / Harvest time .

Everyone who planted the seed and everyone who harvested the crop will celebrate together.”John 4:36 (( The family that prays together will remain together.Its easy to bend and shape a green branch but when it dries it can’t be shaped or bent because it will break. To celebrate disciplining our children we can use the same method .We can discipline them when they are young. (( Jalal Michael Sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com )) (( If anyone wants to know who Jesus Christ is.l recommend seeingĀ  the movie. “the son of God.” l just did today ,March 1 , 2014 ))

Blogging Is About Real Issues Too ! / Is’t A Message ? Provocative Media !

Blogging today isn’t only about posting a photo, a video,a poem,a fashion trend,a recipe or a story .All these thing are beautiful personal reflections of daily living.The other side of blogging is to convey a message,express an opinion .Its becoming a new channel for communication, exploring and friendship.

Blogging is also to get involved in real vital issues.To be provocative raising important questions about politics ,expose corruption,social diseases,narcissism,civil rights,violence,family values,morals,respect life and decency.

The world is changing rapidly if people don’t catch up with the train of opportunities it will leave the station,then it will be too late to get a ride ,it means waiting indefinitely for another chance !

Blogging is to try to protect the new generation from poverty ,hunger,terrorism, fanatic ideology . Blogging is To oppose hypocrisy ,the illiteracy of those countries which hate our freedom our believes,our way of life and our culture .

Blogging is about promoting peace,love ,logic,kindness,harmony and building new bridges across the oceans, mountains and deserts.Our globe doesn’t need more bombs,tall building ,faster jets and self imprisonment in front the electronics.(( Its very hard to build but its very easy to destroy.Jalal Michael Sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com))

A Million Hearts !

l wish l have a million heart to love everyone.
l wish l can sing on their beats an affectionate
Tone to open every closed heart,mind with blind seal.

l wish l can wipe off every sorrow ,scar and tear.
l wish l can help every wound and pain to heal.

l wish l can invent what can change despair to hope,
misery to joy,and every dream to be fulfilled .

l wish l can find a remedy to cure loneliness,
depression, and every addict and everyone is ill.

l wish l have that magical wand to touch those,
Who are sad to forget the hurt they deeply feel.

l wish l can convince those who doubt ,
That the human goodness is still alive and real.

l wish people will finally realize that,
There is an end for every living thing.

l wish they believe that they are pilgrims ,
On a journey driven by their choice and will.

Wishes do come true if there is faith that doesn’t stand still.

(( He said.”if you have a faith as big as a mustard seed ,you can move mountains to be planted in the sea.” ))Jalal Michael Sabbafg.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com

C o d e Of Hammurabi 1772 BC. ! / Solid Facts ! /” Shariaa” ! / Eye For An Eye.

The Babylonian king Hammurabi constituted his law ” Code ” in 1772 BC.Which states.” A tooth for a tooth , an eye for an eye , an ear for an ear , a nose for a nose .” 2400 years later the Arab’s holy religious book literally states the exact same thing .They believe it and virtually practice it and forcefully imposed it on their people .Since then they want to implement it where ever they live.

The original code of Hammurabi is displayed in the “LOUVRE” in Paris -France .There is an exact replica of the code in the university of Chicago.

Couple days ago a S a u d i man was caught in the capital in Saudi Arabia by the cruel religious police,he was beating his mother and breaking her tooth.He was sentenced severely by a religious judge to F i v e years in prison , his tooth to be broken and to get 2400 lashes on his bear back .( 40 lashes a day )This is the inhuman justice in Saudi Arabia according to their religious law.( Shariaa )This is the reality the Arab lives .That is why 25 million of them immigrated to European countries,another 20 million to the USA , Canada,Australia,Iceland ,Latin America and Mexico.They want to live in the free Christian civilized countries and enjoy the welfare privileges.(( He who lives by the s w o r d will perish by the s w o r d .jalal Michael Sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com ))

Birds Nest With Own Kind ! / Deception ! / Unqualified .

Despite their absolute failures and their dreadful narcissism,the far left liberals,progressives and fanatic democrats politicians are desperately trying to convince their naive constituents that they are serving their vital interests.These blind politicians lies,cover ups ,corruption and shameful scandals are becoming their down fall,their inevitable fate and demise .Instead of changing they are trying to hold to their power seats.( 1 ) failed foreign policies.( 2) failed economy and health care policies.( 3 ) Catastrophic welfare agendas,47 million recipients .( 4 ) Failed education system.(5 ) 20% of young people age 18-35 are living with their parents because of financial hardship.( 6 ) Student loans hurting the new graduates .( 7 ) Human trafficking in the USA is becoming a massive epidemic .( 8 ) Thousands of our service men and women are homeless.(9 ) There is a savage war on Christianity,family values decent morals and the American D r e a m .( 10 ) Unqualified ambassadors are being appointed to European countries shamelessly to represent the American people, because they were a generous donors to these politicians campaigns .(( God bless those who love America .jalal Michael Sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com.))

Women In Saudi Arabia ! /Phantoms ! / Mr.B.H.Obama ! /Apology Tour II.

Have anyone ever seen the king of Saudi Arabia Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz with his wife in any magazine,newspaper or on TV ? Which wife ? His royal highness owns so many wives and Harems its impossible to pin point each one of these(1-100)so called wives.Each of his wives lives in a royal mansion with the king’s children.The late king Abdul-Aziz Bin Saud had 47 sons( no one knows how many daughters he had because they are of no importance,they are living phantoms )These 47 sons are ruling Saudi Arabia since 1921 in succession.They are the heirs of the so called the brutal royal crown.The Saudi royal family with it’s 2500 princes rule the kingdom with iron fist and two edged swords.They control every aspect of life in this illusive kingdom.Beside oil’s 300 billions annually ,the kingdom pockets another 150 billions annually from the pilgrimages who visit the holy of the holiest cities in the kingdom.(A small bottle of water is sold for $6 during the pilgrimage season.) All this money is fueling terrorism(thousands of Saudi terrorists are fighting beside Al Qaeda in Iraq and in Syria.),building thousands of worship houses all over the Glob and of course on human trafficking (buying luscious girls from the infidels countries) Women in Saudi Arabia are nothing but Phantoms they have no civil rights what so ever.

Mr.Barack Hussein Obama is planning to visit Saudi Arabia in May 2014 to bow once again to king Abdulla like he did during his apology tour in 2009 to the Middle – East.When he said.”America is an arrogant country.”
(( Every plate overflows with it’s contains.Jalal Michael Sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com ))