Extreme Contradiction ! / Wile Veil..

This is what the Arab think about women and treat them according to their belief.””WOMEN ARE DEFICIENT IN REASON AND RELIGION.””Yet for the last 14 centuries they bluster telling the world that they respect women and treat them with utmost decency.World’s human rights studies for the last fifty years prove with certainty that the wealthy Arab sheiks waste hundreds of millions on human trafficking and on their H A R E M . The Arab male is equal to two women in a court of the law in any trial.The Arab male inherits 1 1/2 time more than a women inherits.An Arab man can divorce his wife arbitrary for any reason ,just by repeating verbally three times.”you are divorced.” But the wife has no right to do the same. Hypocrisy beyond imagination.(( your success is my success.))jalal Michael Sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com.Thanks for my blog’s 1850 followers and to those who visit the blog.


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