Mr. President ! / Color ! / Racialism ???

Lately you keep saying.”They don’t like me because l am black.” Then who voted for you to become the 44th.president of this gracious,and great USA ? Beside your mother was white that makes you 50% white and 50% black.Mr.B.H.Obama ,how many times have you ever mentioned your white mother or your white grandparents in your mesmerizing rhetoric since 2008?? l just want to ask you .” What happened to your 2009 speech when you said with conviction?.” We don’t have black,white,red or yellow America ! We have O n e America for all.” Please Mr.B.H.Obama don’t play the racialism card ! It won’t work.Its pathetic to fall back on it. Failed policies are colorless ,they hurt everyone.We are Americans before being white ,black,red or yellow.We are one nation under God the almighty.We love America the land of liberty and kindness, the land of the brave.God bless America and those who love America ,the American service men and women and the real P a t r i o t s .(( your success is my success.Jalal Michael Sabbagh. ))


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