Arab Dictators Brotherhood ! / Not Worth One Drop Of American Blood.

Today Iraq is crying for help. Al-Maliki the Iraqi prime Minster is in a dire need to protect himself from the imminent threat of Al-Qaeda invasion of Iraq.Iraq’s weak government is asking the EU and the USA for assistant to confront a barbaric ,ruthless enemy . Why doesn’t Iraq ask the other 21 Arab countries and the Arab League for help? Because Iraq doesn’t trust the Arab Brotherhood.Recently 6 rich gulf States ,Saudi Arabia,Kuwait,Qatar,UAE,Dubai and Oman formed a unified army .What for?Al-Qaeda is turning Iraq into a killing field to establish a base ,its domain to take over ,Syria,Jordon and Lebanon.Yet Mr.Barack H.Obama said not long ago.”Al-Qaeda is on the run,we decimated terrorism.”America will commit a catastrophic mistake worst than the one of 2003 if actually tries to get involved in Iraq again.America sacrificed 4000 brave service men and women in Iraq,30,000 wounded and wasted one trillion dollars.These dictators are not worth one drop of American blood.Its madness to interfere in Iraq.They are not Arab brotherhood ,they are each others worst enemies ..(( Your success is my success.jalal Michael Sabbagh. ))


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