Duplicity ! / Its O.K. ! / Banana Republic.

At the present time we are living in a society that the majority says to the liberals and the progressives .”Its O.K.” to implement their socialism agendas,while they are enjoying their excellent privileges and side benefits.”Its O.K.”For the poor hard workers to make only the minimum wages per hour.”Its O.K.” The workers in Vietnam,the Philippines and in Taiwan to make 33 cent per hour working for the Banana Republic so the CEO of the company can get his 2 million dollars annual salary plus the enormous bonuses.”Its O.K.” We have 1 out 6 Americans living below the poverty level while the Boss and his entourage take a ten million dollar vacation paid by the tax payers money.Today we live in a society of the Moment ,”its O.K.” to dishonor our brave service men and women despite their ultimate sacrifices . “Its O.K.” to forsake the elders and the parents.”Its O.K.” for our children and grandchildren to suffer the consequences of 17 trillion deficit,while the elite politicians keep their senate seats for 20,30,40 years because its profitable.There are a 1000 “its O.K.”in our days which are demolishing the American dream for our young people.((jalal Michael Sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com


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