The Age Of Customize ! / Authentic Substance.

The world around us is changing dramatically with lightning speed.More people are becoming so dependable on technology and electronics they are forsaking their humanity aspects.

We are living in an age most things are customized.
Customized clothes by designers to fit the creed,
According to wild desires of certain class and seed.
Everything nowadays is possible with lies and cheat.
Even cars are fashioned with wild features and high speed.
Customized cosmetics ,perfumes and accessories for treat.

Everything is under the finger tips of the E l i t e !
Who wear masks because they can’t write or R e a d.
Plastic surgeries ,facial,nose and lips to smooth the tweed.
Sports are customized to win the prizes with dopes and weed.

Today doctors are customizing babies to improve the b r e e d .
Vegetables and fruits are customized even rice and the wheat.

Can S c i e n c e customize a heart that loves and forgives?
A heart that rejects hate,injustice ,criticism and G r e e d ?
Today its so sad ,appearances is actually everything !
The essence is worthless,the peel is the master of the ring.

Authentic feelings becoming very rare,
The customized age is framed with despair and fear.
Principals, morals are pushed to the very rear.

((Without solid foundation suffering and regrets await the new generations.Jalal Michael Sabbagh. ))


Clear Conscience ! / Omitting Failures .

When a person have a clear conscience, he can focus on his life’s affairs and make solid decisions .Can anyone grow an Orange tree with an Avocado seed ? Nobody can manage a good life with unhealthy thoughts.Failure is the result of mismanagement and miss planning .(( Jalal Michael Sabbagh. )) Heartily thanks to the 1860 followers of my Blog and to everyone visits it.

Lifeless Conscience ! / Emigrants ! / Betrayal ! / Traffic jam.

(( I )) We are a nation of emigrants.99% are descendants of emigrants from all over the world.They came to seek freedom, achieve their ambitions and be part of the American dream.

(( II )) America won’t be America if we don’t speak up our minds ,defend what is good and right .Defeat what is wrong and injustice.

(( III )) Mrs.Hilary Clinton’s profound self expressed statements are.(Shame on you Obama 2008) and ( What difference does it make) post the barbaric terrorist attack on 9-11-2012 in Ben-Ghazi-Libya ,on the American Embassy.(It was an attack on the USA)These statement gave dismay and betrayal a new dimensions.

((IV ))The mainstream media (the fanatic liberal ,progressives and the far left democrats)gave homage to Mrs.Hilary yesterday.They bestowed on her every epithets of greatness known to the yellow journalism for achieving nothing in her life except standing by her man.The bias liberal reporters are more concerned about Hilary’s health and well being more than why she failed to provide the necessary protection for our heroes who were massacred in the terrorist attack.The victims families are begging Hilary and Obama to tell them the truth not the cover up and use lies.

(( V )) The liberal media is more concerned about traffic jam than why our Ambassador Chris Stevenson was abandoned to die with his companions under the blind watchful eyes of Mrs.Hilary Clinton.

(( VI ))Monica Lewinsky had more finesse than Hilary Clinton.Monica told the truth about her affair with Bill Clinton while Hilary lied to protect her selfishness and her future political ambitions.A person with dignity and morals won’t idolize and glorify her.

(( VII )) 90% of the American know very well that the liberals politicians in Washington worship their power seats,love egomania personalities .The liberals won’t be in power forever ,who hired them can definitely fire them very soon.(Jalal Michael Sabbagh. l respect and cherish the 1880 followers of my blog and those who visit it.

When you will know ? / H o n e y .

” loving the soul is┬átimeless , loving the physical appearance is a cessation “Jalal Michael Sabbagh.1/24/2014.

When will yo know ,
How much l love you?
l am willing to deny my world,
And everything in it for you.
l will defy all dangers too.

If you ask me for the ocean ,
In your eyes l will pour it,
If you ask me for the moon ,
To your bosom l will bring it.

“l love you.”to the birds I will say it.
“l love you.” on the dew l will write it.
“l love you.”on the waters l will etch it.

Your love is my life’s story !
l don’t know what to call it?
If fate wrote it’s beginning !
He ought to wove an end to it.

He who opens a door ought to shut it,
He who ignites a fire ought to extinguish it!
My life means nothing if you are not in it.
(( Love is the essence of life,without it existence ceases. ))

Extreme Contradiction ! / Wile Veil..

This is what the Arab think about women and treat them according to their belief.””WOMEN ARE DEFICIENT IN REASON AND RELIGION.””Yet for the last 14 centuries they bluster telling the world that they respect women and treat them with utmost decency.World’s human rights studies for the last fifty years prove with certainty that the wealthy Arab sheiks waste hundreds of millions on human trafficking and on their H A R E M . The Arab male is equal to two women in a court of the law in any trial.The Arab male inherits 1 1/2 time more than a women inherits.An Arab man can divorce his wife arbitrary for any reason ,just by repeating verbally three times.”you are divorced.” But the wife has no right to do the same. Hypocrisy beyond imagination.(( your success is my success.))jalal Michael Sabbagh. for my blog’s 1850 followers and to those who visit the blog.

Mr. President ! / Color ! / Racialism ???

Lately you keep saying.”They don’t like me because l am black.” Then who voted for you to become the 44th.president of this gracious,and great USA ? Beside your mother was white that makes you 50% white and 50% black.Mr.B.H.Obama ,how many times have you ever mentioned your white mother or your white grandparents in your mesmerizing rhetoric since 2008?? l just want to ask you .” What happened to your 2009 speech when you said with conviction?.” We don’t have black,white,red or yellow America ! We have O n e America for all.” Please Mr.B.H.Obama don’t play the racialism card ! It won’t work.Its pathetic to fall back on it. Failed policies are colorless ,they hurt everyone.We are Americans before being white ,black,red or yellow.We are one nation under God the almighty.We love America the land of liberty and kindness, the land of the brave.God bless America and those who love America ,the American service men and women and the real P a t r i o t s .(( your success is my success.Jalal Michael Sabbagh. ))

I Humbly Introduce God To You ! / Sanctified.

Two thousand years ago John the Baptist introduced Jesus Christ to the multitude saying.”Behold the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.” Today l humbly introduce God to those who don’t know him and to those who drifted away from him.They are not unworthy ,we are no more unworthy servants.For God loved the world that he gave his son to die on the cross that whoever believes in him shall not parish but have eternal life.God through Christ” S a n c t i f i e d ” every one of us and lifted us up to become his children.Every one of us is so precious in God’s sight.He wants us to have a new life with him.(( your success is my success.Jalal Michael Sabbagh. ))