Reckoning Of Time ! / D e s c e n d i n g .

His fourth agonizing divorce was in October 1994.Then he was in his early fifties . Morice , each time he got married was for the wrong reason.He wanted to marry a young,beautiful and wealthy woman.He sure did,but the price was always a tragic divorce for a million reason according to his understanding.l don’t know it was him or his PHD. Now he is in his seventies, lonely and having no one around.Its so painful that the many don’t reckon for their old age which is inevitable.I and two friends from San Diego were visiting him at his home in Arizona .The three of us made so many suggestions how to find a lady companion . He always had a sharp negative respond. We even suggested that he sells his house and move to Southern California .His definite answer was.”impossible.” He spends his days occupied with the stock market.Selling,buying and trading.No immediate soul to visit him or to knock his door. We said good bye to him and drove back to our families.(( He who doesn’t plan for tomorrow ,tomorrow will judge him mercilessly .Jalal Michael Sabbagh.http://gravatar.con/


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