Remembering President John F. Kennedy ! / Ifinite Legacy ! / President of the People.

President John F.Kennedy (1917-1963) Is the greatest president in the American history past and present.Kennedy was the President of the P e o p l e not of his party.Despite the death that took him untimely he is alive today as he was fifty years ago,before his assassination.President John F. Kennedy was and is loved by friends and foes.He was and is U n i v e r s a l y L o v e d .I don’t mourn the Kennedy Family , every November 22,I mourn the weak and the insignificant politicians in Washington.90% of them are looking for their own glorification and interests not for the Americans values and well beings . l was in my senior year in high school back in Baghdad-Iraq on my way home when l heard the radio announces that the American President Mr.John F. Kennedy has been assassinated in Texas . l remember running home where l found my mom and other women crying the death of Kennedy.”He was our defender and our protector .He was strong ,firm and kind to the Christians in the Middle-East .” My mom said. Then in 1963 Christians population in Iraq exceeded 2 millions ,today there is only less than half million Christians in Iraq.The Presidents who followed John F. Kennedy did nothing to defend the Christians in those regions ,specially in the Arab countries.Hundreds of churches been bombed,demolished and burned.Thousands of Christians been killed out of hate and revenge..Between 1970-1974 more than 3 million Christians fled the Middle- East and immigrated to the USA, Canada and Australia because of the oppression and brutality of the regimes . Today the Christians in the Middle- East are orphans without protection.Every day there are Christians victims in Iran ,Egypt,Iraq,Pakistan and in Africa.I pray everyday to have a leader like John F. Kennedy.God bless his memory for ever.Jalal Michael Sabbagh.


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