Profound Testament ! / Truthful Message.

This morning I received the following comment from Mrs.Ellie Belfiglio.( A professor, a poet , an author and an immigrant.Poems by Ellie Belfiglio-(Face Book,Ellie Kamran Belfiglio)(@minarocco)On my post The L.A. Times And the Suicide bombers/Yellow Journalism(Mainstream Media)””Dear friend ,this post is what the liberals of America need to read.l was M u s l i m in my youth,not anymore.They treated me and other young women and told us that we women have half the brain of men( They consider women to be deficient in Reason and religion) Beside our men in our family like our fathers , brothers ,husbands and uncles all of them treated us women like we’re their possession ,can tell a lot about the religion itself and specially about the faction of it that have chosen to become terrorists.Even though l,am woman in my era was the only one with college degree passed the Konkor in Tehran number one while none of the men in my family at that time had college degree.They still called me stupid ,they still watched me ,chaperoned me,and treated me as a possession.Please write more of these kind of posts since your point of view is right one.l left Iran in 1979 after the revolution and never gone back in fact l can’t go back since l have political asylum in America and since l ‘ve written books against the government of Iran which all are published .A note;l am honored that you like my poetry and left me comments .thank you from the bottom of my heart.” This how she concluded her comment .l am honored by her thoughts and transparency.Jalal Michael


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