Big Bang ! / Skepticism ./C.Darwin./Atheists.

Skepticism is invading vast multitude’s hearts and minds.Those who desperately trying to defy the splendid reality of God’s existence because of the freedom which they enjoy and take for granted here in America . Do the atheists have the courage or the dignity to ask themselves .” what,or who created them ? how they came to be”?(If they were in Saudi Arabia and openly deny God’s=Allah existence they will be hanged upside down in the blazing desert till they repent or face their miserable fate.) No big bang could created the universe .Without substance nothing can become to be.Only God can make big bang happen.Humans can’t create anything from nothing,they need row materials.Only the omnipotent God can create every thing from nothing.Whoever dispute this reality ought to have solid proofs to support his allegations.Big Bang of the 21st.century is the declining of spirituality,morals and the deceiving myth of uncertainty.The majority of people are worshiping the appearances and forsake the core and the truth.Charles Darwin (1809-1882) the father of ((Evolution theory)) is an insignificant fable didn’t serve the human race at all by his hoax . He died without being able to explain his mysterious theory specially about the animals kingdom.Can the secularists explain the miracle of birth?? The birth of a baby!The birth of the Gorgeous Spring!The birth of the rainbow and it’s magnificent beauty.Its time to examine the illusion which they are living and the vile dogma they believe in . (1)Every department store is decorating and displaying Christmas beauty every where .Without Christmas 50% of factories and business will go out of business and declare their Bankruptcy (2) Billions of children around the world wait for those joyous moment to open their presents with laughter.(3) Kindness and goodness overflow the hearts and overshadow the pain and sadness. Jalal Michael Sabbagh.


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