What Does He Think ? / Am I A Toy? The Virtue of forgiveness.

In Memory of  a great  Composer and singer who dazzled the Arab world for a half century.The late.M Abdel Wahab.
What does he think am l a toy in his hand ?
l am determined not to go back to him.
He returned today as though nothing,
Had happened with child’s innocence face.
His eyes dazzling with admiration and fond.
Now he wants to confess ,l am the only one he loves.
That l am the only one pondering his mind.
He is persistent even showing our wedding band.
He brought me flowers, roses and lilies bouquets .
How can l refuse him, my youth is imprinted all,
Over his face that looked so pale and sad?
How can I reject him when his lips keep,
repeating with tenderness my name ?
Instantly l forgot the P a s t ,
All the rage that was in my heart.
l no longer remembered the fire ,
That was burning my limbs and my pride.
I rushed to his arms he eagerly ,
Embraced me so close and tight.
I even let my head rest on his chest.
I felt like a little girl who was lost,
who was returning to her anxious parent.
I forgave him and forgot the p a s t.
Who said l ever despised him ?
Who said l vowed not to go back to him?
How wonderful its to be in his arms.
How wonderful its, his lips pressing against my lips .
How sweet are his kisses,
How sweet its to be his.
H o w s w e e t its to be his.
(( Life’s most precious moments are when someone takes his chances on a second chances. jalal Michael Sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com))


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