My God And Your God Are Not The Same God ! / Don’t Attack My Faith Blindly .

(( 1 )) There are those who attack and inveigh any faith out of ignorance and vehement hate.They ought to examine their own believes,dogma,gods,morals,philosophy and their sightless teachings.Do they think that they are invisible and perfect? Do they think they are the chosen ones to rule the world and correct humans faults? They ought to evaluate themselves first and foremost before uttering smallness from their like deadly virus hearts and minds. (( 2 )) My God is God of love,pardon,light and reconciliation . Your God is God of hate,revenge and division.(( 3 )) Over the centuries the power of hedonism,submissiveness and falsehood was defeated P e r i o d.Justice and righteousness always prevail. (( 4 )) He who follows the light will never stumble in darkness.He will always find the right answers for his questions.(( 5 )) Those who don’t respect the lessons of history are out of touch with reality ,its their own choice to live an illusion.jalal Michael Sabbagh. Everybody’s success is my success and my success is everybody’s success.)))


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