New Milestone ! / Overwhelming Feelings.

Mutual respect and appreciation are the corner stone for lasting relation,for building bridges across the oceans and for bringing all kind of people together.Its so rewarding to be able to exchange ideas,thoughts and stories with others that touch the hearts ,the souls and make the minds ponder about our lives on the face of this plant,our purposes ,our journey and our destination.Your visits,likes, and your friendly comments made this journey of mine so incredibly possible and pleasant.Encouragement and support are the key for any quest or mission to flourish.With utmost gratitude l say.”thank you”to my blog followers (1464) and to every blogger who visits my site.l am overwhelmed by your friendship and acceptance .l wish each one of you the best life can offer today tomorrow and always.(to wake up in the morning and feel the beauty of life is a miracle by itself.(To be grateful is the greatest virtue) .jalal Michael sabbagh.

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