New Brutal Epidemic In India !/Children Trafficking!/ R a p e .

Hundreds of thousands of young children are being kidnapped by organized crime and heartless gangs in India to be sold and bought in day light.Children trafficking is the new epidemic in India and South-East Asia . These abducted young girls and boys are been used as domestic servants,beggars,laborers and sex slaves.Countless of these innocent children die because of the maltreatment and the brutality of their masters and owners.These daughters and sons of helpless families are been put to work 10-15 hours a day in the most inhuman conditions by merciless thugs who enslave them.The only establishment in the world which is fighting these catastrophic crimes are the Catholic missions in India.They search for these children and when the find them they take them where they can be safe.They call her Sister Klara these children’s advocate ,she visits bus stops,train stations,street corners and shops to find these children and when she does she evaluate their health relocate them and put them in schools where no one can touch them.She has saved hundreds of these innocent victims.The civilized world needs to wake up and admit there is an epidemic.Where are the human rights organizations? Where is the UN? Is the UN in existence? Where are the governments officials?Are the alive or they are absent?


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