His Crocodile’s Tears ! / W i l t .

You came back asking me again for a pardon.
Tell me how many times have you done it before ?
l beg you heartily ,please stop pleading , stop crying.
How many times you have admitted you were lying?
Your crocodile’s tears aren’t going to change this time my mind.
l did tried so hard to believe you,
I was so naive ,l was utterly blind.
My heart have bled all his patience and to be kind.
This time promises,regrets won’t do any good ,
Forgiveness no more you will Find.
You betrayed our vows many times,
l used to bend to keep the peace,
To let Love’s bells chime.
Your Obstinacy silenced it in it’s prime.
It is over ,to where you were you will never clime.
For your addiction ,your violence and your lying ,
There are no cures as long the reality you keep on D e n y i n g .(jalal michael sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com)


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