New Culture Of Despair ! / Whom To Blame?

The internet,drugs,bullying,divorce,poverty,unemployment,depression, family disputes, the economy, the chasm between the many ,stress,outrageous college tuition, which one is hurting the young people the most?Living in a small city in southern California we witnessed two untimely tragedies.Two gifted young high school seniors in the prim of their lives committed suicide.No specific or definite reasons were the reason but there were too many speculations. What is the cause of such horrific despair? Life is getting faster and busier every day smothered by the hustle and bustle .Many young people are tormented .They feel that their lives are moving rapidly and they are getting further behind.In this modern schema the great many are not thriving they are merely surviving.Its a boarder picture of life of desperation.The current political arena is encouraging the young even in a very early age to make their own choices,to get pregnant, to have an abortion,to drop out of school to have babies.Getting on welfare is so easy these days .(49 million American are welfare recipients )The mainstream media and big Government are deforming the future for the new generation.Is there someone out there wants to say something .I think the majority had surrendered to the unknown.(;// where there is no L O V E there is no P e a c e ))


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