Reflection Of A Faith ! /

( 1 ) Why there are no Christians ,Jews , Hindu ,or Baddhist suicide bombers ? Because their faith Prohibits the killing of the innocents.There is no cause what so ever can justify this hideous crime.No Dogma,no Faith,no Doctrine,no religion,no Belief and no Law.Those who blow up themselves to ruin the lives and souls of their victims are voiding kindness and mercy.Their hearts are made of stone and their minds are made of nothingness.
( 2 ) Seeking Martyrdom by shedding innocent blood is a cowardly act.Kidnapping ,terrorists attacks,hijacking planes,and beheading hostages are not the path to make a statement or to achieve an objection .The Civilized world is feed up by violence.Thousand been murdered out of ignorance,hate and rage.Since 1972 Olympic games-Munich massacre ,those who committed the terrorist attack failed to liberate Palestine and still are.They should follow Mahatma Gandhi’s (1869-1948) none violence movement.This preeminent leader was able to free India from the British Rule without shedding one drop of British Blood.

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