Flight 93 ! / September 11, 2001 ! / The contrast ! / Victorious Truth.

The American Heroes who sacrificed their lives and confronted the barbaric terrorists , the hijacker on the plane ,flight 93 were able to over power the murderers and prevent another catastrophe from happening. The plane crushed in Shanksville – Pennsylvania .The American passengers were moved out of love ,patriotism and bravery to face the hijackers and save the lives of many if the plane would if reached its target.

On The Other Hand , the savage terrorists who were Saudis sacrificed themselves because they dedicated themselves to kill the innocents out of hate,rage and for a blind faith they believed in.Those thugs intentions were to saw horror and devastation but they were defeated and the senseless country which financed them.Their people will carry their disgrace forever on their foreheads.

S e p t e m b e r 11, will always reminds us and the free world that hate, savageness and barbarism will end in nothingness.Love and humanity will always triumph.The Light will always conquer darkness.On Sept. 10 ,2013 the city of Shanksville broke ground on the flight 93 National Memorial to construct a 6800 square foot Visitors Center that will tell the story of flight 93 and the Heroes who wrote a new page in Heroism and Bravery . Lord bless America , the free world , the American worriers , Heroes and those who work for peace.jmsabbagh86@gmail.com -https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com


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