Appraise ! / Forsake ! / Sectarian Conflicts .

H o w could the civilized West expect that peace , democracy and equality can take roots in a region like the Middle – East ? A region where a citizen is appraised for his religious affiliation and not for his achievements , his qualifications for being productive , his intellectual , his patriotism , and his faithfulness to serve his country.

H o w could the West expect that there will be tranquility in Iraq , Syria , Egypt and the rest of the region ? when there is so much rage and division . People are divided by blind S e c t a r i a n differences and Ethnocentrism .

Since 1970 three million , the elite of the societies (Doctors , engineers,Lawyers, scientists , thinkers ,teachers) left their countries and immigrated to the West because of the on going bloody sectarian struggles.

Great Britain and France occupied The Arab world for half century .Both powers failed to achieve any reconciliation between the people to live as on people not as divided groups fighting each other.The USA failed badly to achieve it’s objectivity in I R A Q , despite the Ultimate sacrifices of our brave service men and women ,beside wasting One trillion dollars and devastating the American economy .Iraq is in worst shape than it was prewar of 3/19/2003.

Unless those countries realize and admit that their chronicle deadly religious conflicts are destroying their existence to live in peace they will never change.(( –


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