Five Fundamental Questions ! / Resilience .

Occasionally l have been asked these five questions.Th essence of my answers are always the same .even though some times the expression differs.

( Q.1 ) Who is your hero (model ) ?

( A ) The Lord of life and destiny .l am part of his plan and l believe in it profoundly .

( Q.2 ) What kind of books do you read ?

( A ) Poetry , philosophy , Saints lives, music and cook books.(cooking is an art and l love to cook.)

( Q.3 ) Who inspires you ?

( A ) Ordinary individuals whom l meet on daily bases and during my travelings.

( Q.4 ) What motivates you ?

( A ) The Biographies of the achievers .Their resilience and their determination are great lessons to learn from.they are unique motivations to be adopted.

(Q.5 )If you were given a chance to be 21 years of age again , would you take it.?

( A ) Absolutely not,being 21 once is enough.l am grateful that l lived it and l am content to the fullest. In 1987 l suffered a severe hear attack ,l recovered.The gracious Lord gave me a second chance,new lease on life and a new beginning.Our hearts and mind forever will be 21.

(( Its not how a person perceive things ,its how he interprets them and puts them into ))

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