Saturday , September 7, 2013 ! / Prayer Day For World Peace. (Syria)

Pope Francis announced that Saturday , September 7,2013 will be dedicated for prayer for world peace.Every peace loving human being prays for Syria’s safety and peace.We pray to the Lord of peace to deter the senseless Warmongers to erase their catastrophic attentions to attack Syria and kill the innocents .The region is in a dire need for peace not for another devastating W a r . No for senseless Massacres . No for Saudi Arabia’s Money.No For John Kerry.

(( Mr. Barack H.Obama please give up your Nobel Peace Prize before you decide to declare war and attack Syria . You are the only one and the first one who Draw the Red Line,you can’t hide the facts. .The whole Middle – East will be hit by a Tsunami of chaos ,rage and blood shed.Mr Obama Don’t listen to Saudi Arabia .Saudi Arabia is behind every war and every atrocity in the Arab world since 1948.Saudi Arabia is financing the savage terrorists and Al Qaeda everywhere in the world and in Syria. Remember 18 of the 19 magnificent ones who carried out the terrorist attack on September 11,2001 were Fanatic Saudis.
(( ))

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